The election of Donald Trump as U.S. president in 2016 supposedly created a surge in hate crimes — but that also helped enrollment at Grambling State University, said that university’s president, Rick Gallot, in an interview with

In the 10 days following the election of Trump, the website reported, 140 hate incidents were reported at predominately white campuses nationwide. Gallot reportedly told the website the following:

“And then not to mention this whole Trump era has brought back racial divisions we thought were healed, Trump has pulled the scab back off. Grambling is a safe space for our kids. One of my fraternity brothers, a Grambling grad, has a son who goes to Yale that had a gun pulled on him by university police as he entered the library. Imagine this Black kid, a student, going to the library, and having a gun pulled on him. That is the current atmosphere that’s out there. And I tell students and parents, when I’m out recruiting, you’re not going to have a gun pulled on you by university police for going to the library at Grambling, it’s just not going to happen. So I think safety concerns during this Trump era is also fueling HBCUs to see an increase in enrollments. Our kids know and feel like Grambling and other HBCUs is somewhere that they’re celebrated not tolerated. And I think that has really made a difference.”

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