The man who killed Billy the Kid grew up in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.

The Arizona Star mentioned this possibly little-known fact in a new article about Tucson city officials naming a new street after him.

“Patrick Floyd Jarvis “Pat” Garrett was born in 1850 in Chambers County, Alabama. When he was 3 years old, his family moved to a plantation or large farm in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, in an area where his family would hold prominence and he would receive some education,” according to The Arizona Star.

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“By the time he was in his late teens, his father and mother had died and their large farm was heavily in debt. Seeing little hope for a prosperous future there, Garrett headed west in 1869.”

The article went on say he left for Texas to work as a ranch cowboy, a buffalo hunter (where he killed a man in an argument) and later to New Mexico, where he met one William H. Bonney (Billy the Kid). There, he was elected sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico. 

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“At the time, Bonney was wanted for murder for gunning down a sheriff and a deputy. In the final month of the year, the new sheriff and his posse confronted Bonney and his men when they came into Fort Sumner, but Bonney and most of his gang eluded capture.

Garrett would once again get his shot when he and his posse tracked the gang down in the Stinking Springs area. After a short skirmish, Bonney and his men were brought back to stand trial,” according to The Tucson Star.

 “In April 1881, Bonney was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to hang. But while awaiting execution he managed to escape, in the process killing two guards. Garrett once again went on the hunt, riding to a ranch owned by a man named Peter Maxwell, whom he thought might know the whereabouts of the convicted killer. At the ranch, Garrett is said to have shot and killed Bonney, one of the Old West’s most notorious outlaws.”

The rest of the article describes what happened to Garrett afterwards, including the surprising way he died.

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