• Rush Limbaugh takes a call from a West Monroe guy.

• A Monroe man tells the Jackson Clarion Ledger about how a dog accidentally shot him on a hunting trip. Apparently this has happened to other people too.

• A film competition will expand to include downtown Ruston and Louisiana Tech University.

• Poverty numbers are climbing in Shreveport/Bossier. Ironically enough, this news comes out almost 55 years to the day after President Lyndon Johnson said government programs would end poverty as we know it.

• Speaking of, Louisiana ranks No, 2 in states that accept federal aid money, according to a new report on the Conservative News Service. If what LBJ said was true then shouldn’t Louisiana be poverty-free by now?

• Actually, Louisiana has a poverty rate of more than 19 percent, according to the most recent numbers.

• Did you know there’s a professional musician named Lincoln Parish?

• Panola County, Texas officials have charged a Farmerville woman with criminal negligent homicide in a wreck that killed four people in 2016.

• A naked woman walked out into traffic in Monroe in the middle of the day last week. Ruston Rants admins and other media got the video and posted it. Some group members thought the woman was likely mentally ill and that media posts were insensitive.

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